A collaboration between MoH and the open data community

The open data initiatives launched by the Ministry of Health and the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force have been a new and welcome experience, both for us at MoH and, we hope, all of Malaysia. Open data has enabled public and private players alike to scrutinise our policies, share fresh insights and analysis of the situation, and hold us to higher standards.

One thing we were particularly pleased to see was the number of high-quality data products enabled by the liberalisation of data. Many developers and data scientists reached out to us, volunteering their services and intelligence to help us fight this virus

It was via this spirit of collaboration with the open data community that COVIDNOW was born. A group of innovative developers worked with us at MoH, 100% pro bono, to build a site that would help Malaysians monitor the epidemic. This work was led by the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre (CPRC), in conjunction with CPRC Hospital and the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL).

Group photo of CPRC Data Team
CPRC Data Team

We are proud to feature the team here - this site is symbolic of the all-of-society approach we are taking to win this war.

Smiling Henry with his dark gray parka at Golden Gate Overlook, San Francisco.
Henry Lim
Front-end Web Developer
Creator of @MYVaccineCount Twitter Bot
"I believe that COVID-19 data should be easily accessible by anyone, anywhere. It was nice to see Malaysia's MoH open-sourcing their datasets - I was able to develop products which helped people get a better understanding of the epidemic in Malaysia."
Handsome Calum standing next to some bushes.
Calum Lim
Full-stack developer by day, hobbyist UI/UX designer by night
"I joined the COVIDNOW project in hopes of providing an accessible and visually appealing site that would help Malaysians track the COVID-19 situation. I truly admire the effort that the MoH has put into curating and publishing its data, and hope it will persist - it provides transparency and allows creativity to flourish."
A head shot of Sheng Han Lim with Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Sheng Han Lim
Back-end Developer and Data Scientist
Creator of MY Vax Tracker
"I strongly believe in the role of Data Science and AI in changing human lives for the better. Here's to hoping that stronger data storytelling on COVIDNOW and the ongoing open data initiative will help turn the tide in Malaysia's battle with COVID-19."
A head shot of Roshen Maghhan.
Roshen Maghhan
Back-end Developer
Full stack developer, with an interest in problem solving
"I enjoy programming and puzzles, and often spend my free time working on some project or another. I was really excited at the chance to get involved in this project, and hope to contribute more to MoH's good work."

We have expanded to KKMNOW!

After over 100 million views and and 0 downtime, we have retired COVIDNOW. Our open data journey will be continued via KKMNOW where you can access data not just on COVID-19, but on the Malaysian healthcare system in general.

Visit https://data.moh.gov.my